Wednesday 16 January 2019
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15 Tips for Talking To a Girl on the First Date!

15 Tips for Talking To a Girl on the First Date!

A great relationship starts with a nice conversation. If you are interested in a girl, you should ensure that the first few meetings and conversations are as smooth as possible. Of course, not all men have the same kind of confidence, which is why we have listed down the best 15 tips that will help in initiating the right conversation.

  1. Mind your first move. So, what to say when you talk to girls? The first move is more than important. You need to let her take a stand when it comes to deciding a place for the meeting or discussing the first date. She should be in charge, because she needs to be comfortable in your company.

  1. Start with a casual question. “Hey, how was your day?” – that’s a good start. The first few questions should be generic and easy enough, so that she feels the need to answer them. If you are meeting her for the first time, avoid discussing anything related to her personal life, unless she is absolutely confident.
  2. Find her interests. As you ask questions, you will notice that she prefers answering some questions and is more disinterested in others. These are cues that can help immensely in knowing her interests and taking the conversation ahead.
  3. Be good. Pull the door or the chair for her, if possible. Good manners are signs of a gentleman, and you can be extremely courteous. The idea is to maintain your image. If you are doing all these to impress her, she will know.
  4. Discuss the topics that start naturally. If you are at a pub, you might talk about beer varieties. You can discuss random things about work too. Try and avoid the forced conversations. You need to be as genuine as possible with the choice of topics.
  5. Don’t agree to everything. Even the best couples have disagreements. If you feel the same about something, voice your thoughts. You don’t have to agree to everything she says, just because you like her.

  1. Share your opinions. Women love men with an opinion and thought process. No matter how different they are, you have to share your thoughts with the person. Make her feel that you have a unique mind that refuses to agree for the sake of it.
  2. Treat her like a pal. Girls like to be treated equally. Let her order her own food, and if she wants, let her pay for her drinks and dinner. There is no harm in treating her like a buddy, because friendship is a great way to start.
  3. Respond to her future hopes. If she wants to be an engineer at NASA, you need to tell her how amazing life she would have while working there. Humans, in general, like to get reassurances. When she knows that you care for her dreams and passions, she will respond in the same way.
  4. Give her your contact. If you are talking to a girl for the first time, you need to give her your contact, so that she makes the choice of contacting you back. In short, don’t ask for her number, if you don’t have already, on the first date.
  5. Listen, and some more. Girls love men who are open to their world and conversations. You should be a good listener, if you want to endure with the concerned person for at least a while. Doesn’t hold true for all girls though.
  6. Be honest. Lies and vague talks won’t lead to a mature conversation. Try to be honest about whatever you have to say. If you lie in an attempt to impress her, the other person will know in due course of time, because the pile of lies will increase.

  1. Eye contact matters. Any conversation requires eye contact, and when you are talking to a girl, be sure to maintain that. You need to know what she feels, because that largely determines the experience ahead.
  2. Don’t offend. Some words, conversations and topics can be offensive to certain races, sections and people. Mind your words, especially if you are meeting someone from another community or religion.
  3. Finally, add a little humor to your words. Don’t be the serious kind who doesn’t want talk beyond the stock markets and miseries of life. You need to be friendly and approachable and someone who can take a joke with the right mind.

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