Thursday 21 March 2019
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Everything you would Love to Know about Vibrators

Everything you would Love to Know about Vibrators

A vibrator is basically a sex toy used on our body for producing erotic stimulation. These vibrators are electric-powered devices which throb and are used to stimulate different sensitive zones in our body like clitoris, vagina, anus, penis or scrotum. You will find these vibrators in many different models and shapes. There are some vibrators designed for women for stimulating both the clitoris and the vagina, some are designed only for men and some for couples that helps in stimulating the genitals of both the partners.

Two of the best women vibrators

When you talk about best vibrator for women, here are names of two products that you cannot miss out:

  • SVAKOM Barbara Ultra Soft Vibrator Ribbed Waterproof Personal Massager Vibrator For Women – This ultra-soft silicon vibrator ensures ultimate sensation in the vagina with its three ribbed design at the tip. You can activate its intelligent mode by clicking the S-key and indulge in a world of fantasies like sexy teasing, seductive foreplay, multiple climaxes, strong pulsing etc. It comes with two high frequency powerful motors that will stimulate your internal as well as external sensitive areas.
  • SVAKOM Coco Flexible Head Vibrator, Rechargeable Vibrator Adult Toys for Women – It operates in five different modes with five intensities from weak to strong in each mode, this mean you would have in total 25 selections. Its flexible head makes it easy to use in any desired angle. Though it comes in a small size, the motor inside the silicone body can live up to any of yours strongest desires. Its single button makes it easy to operate and can be activated just by a few clicks.

Both are made of environment-friendly material, are waterproof, easy to clean, rechargeable and operates very quietly.

The health benefits

Apart from sexual pleasure, vibrators are also known to have certain health benefits like:

  • Rejuvenates the vaginas – With menopause, the oestrogen level falls in women leading to tightening and dryness of the vagina. This leads to reduced sex drive and can cause painful sex. Vibrators can help you overcome this condition and improve the elasticity and tone of the walls of the vagina.
  • Can be helpful for men too – The male vibrators can help men to overcome the condition of erectile dysfunction caused normally due to prostate surgery, injury of the spinal cord, diabetes etc. The vibrator in such conditions promotes the flow of blood in the erectile tissues and thus stimulates the nerves leading to an erection.

Something in store for men

The SVAKOM Vicky Dual Motors Vibrator Plug USB Rechargeable Waterproof for Men is considered as the best prostate vibrator. Its curved body helps to provide pleasure to the extra sensitive sperm nourishing gland in men, the prostate. The vibrator offers 7 different modes with 5 intensity levels. It offers 35 different ways to provide you the ultimate feel of orgasm. The special angular design of the product helps in massaging both the prostate and perineum at a time. The soft head makes it easy to insert.