Thursday 21 March 2019
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How to behave with an escort?

How to behave with an escort?

Even if you think you know what’s what when it comes to meeting a London escort, if you have never booked one, you know nothing yet.

Most normal people know to smile and say hello when meeting someone for the first time, to be polite and respectful but this is an interaction of a different kind. Seeing an escort is a much more intimate meeting so most people are understandably quite nervous.

There is a lot of advice online about how to behave with an escort because most men are scared to ask the women directly. However, it is much better to be clued up than to be frightened and clueless.

Can we talk about sex?

Ultimately this is what you are there for so yes. You have to be open about sex to get the best experience but there is no need to be vulgar. Being that way signals a lack of respect for the escort which is not going to do well for your time together or might get you asked to leave. You will probably have noticed already that escorts tend to use a lot of escort acronyms and this is so that there is some discretion. Use them, ask for what you would like, see whether the service is offered and continue to be a gentleman.

Is there a refund policy?

No. Time has been invested whether an escort has travelled to you or a client visits her, and it is time she cannot get back. Plus how would a refund in this scenario even work? – “I didn’t orgasm fast enough, can I pay you £20 less?” Never, ever say that. Seriously though, this is exactly why it is so important to discuss everything beforehand. Once money changes hands, it is a done deal so it is down to you to be clear on what you want. If you are really dissatisfied afterwards and booked through an agency, you can talk it through but I would not count on being reimbursed in any case.

How do I pay an escort?

Politely with cash shortly after arriving or she arrives. Do not think you have to shove the money under her nose. Get the pleasantries out of the way first and then say, “Here’s [insert sum here] as you asked for,” before handing her the notes, or an envelope. An escort will then thank you, count it, and thank you again before putting it away. Use this as an opportunity to get yourself comfortable, make her a drink or perhaps just calm your nerves on the sofa. There is unlikely to be a problem and an escort would preferably not have to rustle around in her bag for change so give her the exact amount.

Can I negotiate a price?

An escort is a professional and her price is the price. Rates vary depending on lots of different factors like whether an agency is involved, location, the duration of a booking, and how experienced an escort is. Ultimately it goes back to respect. If you try to haggle an escort down in price it says that you do not respect or value her time or what she is offering. The best advice would be to have a budget in mind. An escort will not lower her prices to suit your budget but she will guide you as to what to expect for the amount you have to spend.

When do I shower?

Circumstances will dictate the answer to this one. Part of the fun of a date is getting ready so of course, if you have time before your escort arrives and have not rushed in from somewhere – shower, brush your teeth and spruce yourself up because if you do so during your booking, it is killing time which could be better spent. Personal hygiene is so important to escorts for obvious reasons and they will be perfectly fresh for each client. If they ask you to shower, although it would be quite hard not to be, do not be offended. Men get sweaty and can be immune to their own subtle funk but she would rather not.

What happens if the time is up and I’m not done?

If you mean orgasm, there is nothing that can be done. Cumming is no guarantee anyway and if you think you might take longer than usual, let your escort know. Do not be embarrassed. Now, back to time. Running out of time is unlikely to happen because escorts are brilliant time keepers. Clients are unlikely to notice her keeping an eye on the clock and it is not to be rude, it is to be professional. The ending will not be awkward or abrupt but it is always a good idea to be mindful of the time. There is also no harm in asking her if she is able to extend because possibly she might have the time to, but it is not always the case.

Is it okay to drink?

Treat your date with an escort like driving. Generally you would not drink more than one glass of wine and drive so this is the same. One small glass to enjoy together is fine but check with an escort beforehand. She might have a teetotal rule, and if so, that is perfectly acceptable. Some men are not pleasant when under the influence of alcohol so it can make women wary of that type of behaviour. Being tipsy or drunk might also get the appointment cancelled so know your limits is what we will say. If you know one glass must lead to two or three, do not even get started.