Wednesday 16 January 2019
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Understanding Adult Entertainment

Understanding Adult Entertainment

When you think of adult entertainment, many people just think of porn and their porn stars but it includes so much more. There are adult entertainers such as exotic dancers who don’t consider themselves strippers as well as escorts who don’t consider themselves prostitutes. The line between them is a fine line like that of a g-string.


Whatever the profession or title, there is more to adult entertainment than just pornography, stripping, or hooking.

Look at the stunningly gorgeous Dita Von Tese. She single-handly brought back the striptease and burlesque game to the front of masses. Former Betty Page bondage inspired, Dita, is all about the tease which is what a strip tease is. The entertainer doesn’t get fully naked – they utilise cheeky nipple tassels and floss-like undergarments to create the illusion of nudity without going the full Monty. This is more than dancing with barely any clothes on. This is an art form. No toys are used. No penetration. Just a peek of what you could have. Burlesque and striptease is sexual, provocative entertainment that leaves just enough to the imagination and doesn’t involve the act of sex.

Stripping and exotic dancing is somewhat similar to a striptease except they bare all. Well, depending on where you are. Some countries don’t allow full nudity but they’ll bare as much as legally allowed. The dancer utilises the same tease as striptease and burlesque dancers do but they will go all the way for money. More money, less clothes! Depending on location, modern strippers often include toy shows, double acts with other strippers, one on one private dances, and will operate from clubs or travel for parties and events.

If you take stripteasing and stripping and plop yourself in front of a camera you just joined the world of camming; a virtual platform where performers don’t have any physical interaction with their viewers. Just like tips in the physical sense of the above, viewers too tip cammers but via online. Whether your camming crave is watching a striptease, masturbation, toy show, and so on, there is a cam girl (or guy) for you. It’s considered adult entertainment over sex work, despite the nature of most broadcasts. In some cases, they’ll give viewers the option to pay for private Skype sessions for a price per hour.

Being paid for sex falls into the sex work category and whether they refer to themselves as prostitutes, hookers, call girls or escorts, their job is sex based. Escorts, the politically correct term, spend time in the physical company of their clients, rates are often higher and the laws and regulations are different altogether. In the US, escorting for sex is a no no. In Australia, escorts are registered and legal business operators. Some may work in brothels or as independent escorts with outcall services and incall locations. Escorting is always thought of as sex work, but it should definitely be classed under the broad umbrella of adult entertainment.

The most infamous of adult entertainment is the porn star. Often called an adult film star as not to confuse them from a mainstream film star, porn stars are have sex for money on the big screen or your television. Pornography is adult entertainment and a billion dollar business. Some porn stars even expand their money making opportunities and tour as strippers, side hustle as escorts or cammers and more. They have essentially become the jack-of-all-trades of the adult entertainment world!

Not all adult entertainment includes sex work, but all sex work is adult entertainment. Whichever you choose to entertain yourself by, be safe and have fun with it.