Thursday 21 March 2019
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Why is Sex So Important for Men?

Why is Sex So Important for Men?

Women are emotional, and through emotion, they love to express themselves more than connecting physically, but men express their love in many ways, and sex is of one of those ways. Though the popular belief is that men are hungry for sex and very selfish about it, but the fact is that through sex men try for mutual satisfaction. The try to please their partner and go on improving as a lover.

Sex is so important for a man because men in the first place go into a relationship for sex as one of the reasons. Though it sounds weird, a man would first look at a woman and judge her on the prospect of sex, and if he finds here attractive sexually, then love will come in his picture.

Why so much caring about sex?

Many women wonder, how come sex is one of the most important factors for a successful relationship with a man, while for a woman first, they want to get comfortable in a relationship and then go for sex.

Why men love sex, there are deeper reasons than you can expect. There are multiple reasons why sex is an important factor for a man in the marriage, and it always will remain.

  • Through sex, a man displays his strength

If you look from the eyes of a man, you will know why sex is so important for marriage. Women want romance and passion, and the total chemistry tells her that their love is going smoothly. Whereas, a man is straightforward and is primal in his needs. Sex shows the strength and unity of their relationship to him.

When sex goes missing, the panic starts in a man, whereas for a woman sex is like one more chore for a woman. Sex ensures a man that a woman is happy with him.

The fact is that sex is essential for a man in any relationship.

  • Through sex, man connects

Sex is the way a man stays connected in a relationship. You got to make sex a priority when you want him to stay connected to you. This is not just physical intimacy; it is the way a man stays strong as a couple.

  • Sex makes them stay close

After fighting, you can still reiterate with a man using sex. It is his internal feeling that would tell him that you are trying to stay close to one another. This is the way you can stay connected to each other for a long time.

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